Sun, sand, sea and wacky racklians

23 01 2006

What? RACKL’s AGM and Retreat, When? 21-22 January 2006, Where? Port Dickson

It must have been the PD air, or it could have been the fact that the trip was fully sponsored so we didnt have to worry about a thing, but I’ll bet it was the People who were on it that contributed to the FUN, FUN, CRAZY FUN we had throughout the two days. Gosh, I just couldnt stop laughing!

With what could have been the quickest AGM in a long long time, we proudly introduced our new President Elect Kim Kek Seong! Congrats Kim, we know that you are going to take RACKL to a whole new level! FYI, Kim will also be taking on the challenge of being the Organising Chairperson for the APRRC in 2007…

Other highlights…
* Seafood Dinner where Ganesh’s lucky guess proved accurate AND the guys showing off their serving skills…
* Midnight games of Pictionary (shrieks, shouts, hot debates and a huge racket from the girls on one team trying to outshout the other team where the winner and loser was a difference of ONE square… aargh!) AND the infamous Movie Charades (with President Sham showing off her three legged Werewolf, Michael trying to do a mannequin, Wilson showing us how to seduce a wall, Premila going eerie one second then becoming a gladiator the next… the list goes on and on…) altho how somebody managed to sleep through all the noise…
* Walks on the beach where we cooked up a conspiracy theory after seeing so many helicopters and planes in the sky one night then the next day try to re-enact the scenes from baywatch 😉
* Lunch back in Seremban with our gracious hostess Lauren and of course, packing back to KL yummy Siew Pau and Egg tarts… mmMMMmm good.

For more photos (and you really want to see them, trust me!) go to and look for the AGM album!




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