Shine On Centrestage

16 01 2006

When? 14th January 2006, Where? The breezy new rooftop venue @ Upper Deck, Holiday Villa Jalan Ampang.

With the upcoming District Speakathon next month, it was indeed perfect timing for our Professional Development session on the art of public speaking titled “Shine On Centrestage”.

The two trainers came from impressive backgrounds. Azahari Othman, or affectionately known as Dr Luv, was the motivator on the famous reality show Akademi Fantasia 3 while his partner Rohijas or E-jas has done many corporate training and judged speech contests. Both of them provided an interesting and insightful session on public speaking.

When doing anything, you need the marriage of technicality and most importantly love. When public speaking, it is important to instill these 8 aspects in your speech:-
1. Caring, 2. Appreciation, 3. Respect, 4. Empathy, 5. Sharing, 6. Sacrifice, 7. Enjoyment and lastly 8. Sincerity.

Put the human side into your speech, remember your audience is after all human and thus, capable of getting distracted or bored if your speech is too dry.

Rohijas also shared with us the methods of using humour in our speeches. You could exaggerate something (“The hotel room was small, so small that I had to go outside just to change my mind”), use pun, put down urself (“I have such bad luck with women. The only time I can get into ones skirt is when I visit the statue of liberty”), sillyness and the element of surprise. Engage your audience.

He also shared the steps to think on your feet, when you face a situation where you suddenly have to come up with conversation or speak in public. You could play on time sequence, location, use the pendulum stance (neither here nor there), change perspectives, and zoom in & zoom out of your topic.

Learning all the theory was not enough, and Azahari and Rohijas picked up some audience members to go up and speak on impromptu topics. Everything from the Metramac CBT case, to selling Ais Batu Campur to public listing, low paid speakers and civil engineering. Steven, Vijay, Kavita, Shreen (who by the way is our speakathon rep… woo hoo!) and Xin Ni were game enough to try speaking up in front of the hard-to-please audience.

Worse still when the event took an Idol turn and they had to face the critiques of our RACKL Idol judges: Boon (a.k.a Simon), Irene (a.k.a Fauziah) and Neeraj (a.k.a Paul Moss).

Oh, and a quick shoutout to our two alumni who were surprise guests at the event – PP Shree (all the way from the U.S of A) and PVP Tan Joon Kai.




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