Tis the season to be jolly….

28 12 2005

Dashing through the rain,
On 24th December,
All the way to Outback Steakhouse,
For an International christmas eve to remember!

The rain certainly didn’t dampen our high spirits as everyone arrived dressed in merry christmas colours of red, white and green. After a quick meeting, the icebreaking game saw us get to know each other (especially since there were many cheery new faces) by revealing our xmas list wish. Good to know that more than half the people had Miss World like wishes of world peace, prosperity and happiness for all etc etc while of courselah there were some of the more realistically materialistic wishes.

The highlight of the day was the creative christmas caroling competition. Divided off into groups, we put on our wacky thinking caps as was evident by the end product. The team submissions in the tunes of famous xmas carols ranged from “Friends, friends, friends” to “Bananas, papayas and licking off whipped cream” to “Oh my god, The Rotaract Mafia is in town” and even one that couldn’t stop “falalalalalala-ing”. I’d say we even beat the group of professional carollers singing out front in BB Park! The judges – Sham and Joon Gei finally made a decision, awarding the first runner up to the all-boys Bananas group and the winner to the Santa Mafias! The best dressed award was also up for grabs and it went to none other than the guy who won the award waay back at our 70s installation – IEM’s Suresh and the bubbly Gloria. Further entertainment came in the form of our International Rotaract friends from Singapore and Cambodia. The 7 Singaporeans decided to do a last-minute acapella performance of Jay Chou while the 23 strong Cambodian delegation showed off their cultural dance and singing. Later we celebrated the birthdays of the October/November/December babies which ended in a foam spraying frenzy!

While waiting for the xmas countdown, we sang more christmas carols until the clock struck twelve. Later, we adjourned for a midnight fellowship at the mamak across the road. It was indeed a merry cheerful christmas eve celebration to remember!

For more photos of our Xmas celebration, click on this link http://photos.yahoo.com/rotaract_kl and look for the xmas album!




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4 01 2006

Hey! Thanks everyone for your presence to our Christmas eve party. It was a blast………..


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