Exposed & Legally Bare ;)

11 12 2005

Originally uploaded by Kavangel.

When? 10 December 2005

If you chanced upon to catch some of the juicy scandalous topics discussed as well as the real thoughts behind those angelic rackl faces, you’d probably be looking like the kid in this pic too… hehehe..

Not that we were promoting anything indecent mind you, this Professional Development session titled “legally bare” had the objective of allowing us to open up and talk more freely as well as boost our confidence in public speaking!

Played like a poison box game, each question was interesting and some were downright naughty! Among those covered include:
* What would you do if your dentures fell off in the middle of a date?
* What would you do if your boyfriend’s zipper was open / girlfriend’s blouse button burst open in the middle of your date? (Err, let’s just say, there lies amongst us a very lucky person hehe)
* What if you were caught making out in a car with your date in front of the house by your parents?
* What would you do if you lost the chain that your mother-in-law gave you and wanted you to wear to a family dinner that night?

Some of the answers even strayed so far into full blown discussions about places to make out in, experiences with flashers and icky guys in buses/lrts… The full fun and sassiness at the session cannot be explained in words, for those who missed it, too bad darlings!




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