Discover wet and high adventure…

7 12 2005

What? PD talk on extreme adventure sports, Who? Numirah Anang from Nomad, Where? The usual place lah where else.. When? 26th Nov 2005
Report by Kelvin Koh


“Adventure resides not outside on a mountain top, but within

As said, RACKL has again decided to spice up the life of its members by attempting to engage in adventure trips. Nomad Adventure, Malaysia’s leading adventure company, was invited to give a presentation on the adventure trip that RACKL has decided to take on.

After making a few new friends at the start of the day, Numirah started off her presentation by giving us a brief introduction on the history and audacious activities of Nomad Adventure. Notable landmark such as organizing the Eco X-series which was shown on AXN or abseiling down the world’s tallest flagpole. After getting the audience a little excited at what Nomad can do, she proceeded to introduce the Whitewater Rafting & Adventure Caving adventure trip. Details as follow:

Whitewater Rafting
An exciting but safe adventure which will take place at Sungai Kampar, a 1.5 hr drive from KL. This river is graded as beginners’ level with a few “exciting” grade 3 rapids along the way. In groups of five plus an instructor, the “rafting” down the river will take approx. 2 hours. As Numirah said, 2 hrs is more than enough time for the instructors to get you all wet!! Getting wet aside, we should be able to enjoy also the picturesque scene of Sungai Kampar.

Adventure Caving & Flying Fox
AFTER all the wet stuff and some picnic lunch later, we will be “caving” Gua Kandu, a former hide-out during the Communist insurgency. In this multi-level, multi-chambered cave, walkways and lights are certainly NOT to be expected. Instead, be prepared to scramble and get dirty!! As with all of the adventure movies, there is always a grand final. A 30-seconds (probably depending on your weight etc) flying fox at the exit of the cave will mark the end of our adventure trip.

A short clip of the previous whitewater rafting events was shown after the introduction. During the Q&A session, while answering our curiosity, Numirah also explained the risks involved and Nomad’s well-established safety procedures. Rest assured, it is SAFE by just using common sense, as she claimed. At the end of the session, most of us were probably satisfied with all our questions and will be looking forward to the event!!

Just one more thing, pray for a bit of rain on 10th Dec!!




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