Tis the season to be jolly….

28 12 2005

Dashing through the rain,
On 24th December,
All the way to Outback Steakhouse,
For an International christmas eve to remember!

The rain certainly didn’t dampen our high spirits as everyone arrived dressed in merry christmas colours of red, white and green. After a quick meeting, the icebreaking game saw us get to know each other (especially since there were many cheery new faces) by revealing our xmas list wish. Good to know that more than half the people had Miss World like wishes of world peace, prosperity and happiness for all etc etc while of courselah there were some of the more realistically materialistic wishes.

The highlight of the day was the creative christmas caroling competition. Divided off into groups, we put on our wacky thinking caps as was evident by the end product. The team submissions in the tunes of famous xmas carols ranged from “Friends, friends, friends” to “Bananas, papayas and licking off whipped cream” to “Oh my god, The Rotaract Mafia is in town” and even one that couldn’t stop “falalalalalala-ing”. I’d say we even beat the group of professional carollers singing out front in BB Park! The judges – Sham and Joon Gei finally made a decision, awarding the first runner up to the all-boys Bananas group and the winner to the Santa Mafias! The best dressed award was also up for grabs and it went to none other than the guy who won the award waay back at our 70s installation – IEM’s Suresh and the bubbly Gloria. Further entertainment came in the form of our International Rotaract friends from Singapore and Cambodia. The 7 Singaporeans decided to do a last-minute acapella performance of Jay Chou while the 23 strong Cambodian delegation showed off their cultural dance and singing. Later we celebrated the birthdays of the October/November/December babies which ended in a foam spraying frenzy!

While waiting for the xmas countdown, we sang more christmas carols until the clock struck twelve. Later, we adjourned for a midnight fellowship at the mamak across the road. It was indeed a merry cheerful christmas eve celebration to remember!

For more photos of our Xmas celebration, click on this link http://photos.yahoo.com/rotaract_kl and look for the xmas album!


Speak Up!

27 12 2005

Dear Rotaractors in District 3300,

The District 3300 SPEAKATHON is rocking our District once again on 12 February 2006 at 2.00 pm in Holiday Villa, Jalan Ampang with the theme SPEAK UP!

Yes, friends, lets SPEAK UP!

Want to SPEAK UP but infected with PSPhobia (Public Speaking Phobia)? or every time you are on the stage, butterflies are fluttering in your stomach?

Don’t worry friends, the Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur is here to be help you to be one of the best speaker in the town!

In this competition the speakers will compete in 2 rounds i.e. prepared speech and impromptu speech. Topics for Prepared Speech will be released by the Organiser by 25 January 2006. The topic for the impromptu speech will be given on the day of competition.

Winning the challenge trophy takes a team effort, so each participating club must send in a minimum of 2 other team members to participate in a team game. The team members will take part in a word game and earn additional points to help their club take home the challenge trophy!

So get ready people…the stage is ready, the microphone is tuned…and the spotlight is ready to be on you..SPEAK UP and stand a chance, with your team to win the District Challenge Trophy 2005.

For more information please refer to the registration form attached.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE CLOSING DATE FOR THE REGISTRATION IS 15 JANUARY 2006. Participation forms may be emailed to rotaract_kl@yahoo.com.sg or passed to the PR & Promo team (Wilson, Premila, Kavita) at the Joint Conference. So send in your participation now!

Thank you.

Yours in Rotaract Service,
PR & PROMO team
Organising Committee
District 3300 Speakerthon 2005/2006

Jingle bells, nananana naaa…

14 12 2005


presented to you
by the IS avenue of the Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur, from the team who brought you the Creepy Halloween Party………..


Come and discover the true meaning of Christmas with the
Rotaract Club of KUALA LUMPUR.. On 24th December 2005, Saturday at 6.00pm, in KL. You will not only have the opportunity to meet with a group of friendly Cambodian Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Phnom Penh BUT …….
the privilege to savor luscious delicacies while enjoying an exciting program line-up, watch spectacular Christmas Caroling – all in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Your Christmas 2005
will be D-One for you to cherish for the many years to come!

We are still waiting for Santa Claus to confirm his ‘chimney of choice’ this year so look out for more email from us on the venue.

For more information, kindly contact OC Mei Han (016-308 7603); Club Service Director, Neeraj at (012-3993314) or IS Director, Premila at 019-6640833

Exposed & Legally Bare ;)

11 12 2005

Originally uploaded by Kavangel.

When? 10 December 2005

If you chanced upon to catch some of the juicy scandalous topics discussed as well as the real thoughts behind those angelic rackl faces, you’d probably be looking like the kid in this pic too… hehehe..

Not that we were promoting anything indecent mind you, this Professional Development session titled “legally bare” had the objective of allowing us to open up and talk more freely as well as boost our confidence in public speaking!

Played like a poison box game, each question was interesting and some were downright naughty! Among those covered include:
* What would you do if your dentures fell off in the middle of a date?
* What would you do if your boyfriend’s zipper was open / girlfriend’s blouse button burst open in the middle of your date? (Err, let’s just say, there lies amongst us a very lucky person hehe)
* What if you were caught making out in a car with your date in front of the house by your parents?
* What would you do if you lost the chain that your mother-in-law gave you and wanted you to wear to a family dinner that night?

Some of the answers even strayed so far into full blown discussions about places to make out in, experiences with flashers and icky guys in buses/lrts… The full fun and sassiness at the session cannot be explained in words, for those who missed it, too bad darlings!

Discover wet and high adventure…

7 12 2005

What? PD talk on extreme adventure sports, Who? Numirah Anang from Nomad, Where? The usual place lah where else.. When? 26th Nov 2005
Report by Kelvin Koh


“Adventure resides not outside on a mountain top, but within

As said, RACKL has again decided to spice up the life of its members by attempting to engage in adventure trips. Nomad Adventure, Malaysia’s leading adventure company, was invited to give a presentation on the adventure trip that RACKL has decided to take on.

After making a few new friends at the start of the day, Numirah started off her presentation by giving us a brief introduction on the history and audacious activities of Nomad Adventure. Notable landmark such as organizing the Eco X-series which was shown on AXN or abseiling down the world’s tallest flagpole. After getting the audience a little excited at what Nomad can do, she proceeded to introduce the Whitewater Rafting & Adventure Caving adventure trip. Details as follow:

Whitewater Rafting
An exciting but safe adventure which will take place at Sungai Kampar, a 1.5 hr drive from KL. This river is graded as beginners’ level with a few “exciting” grade 3 rapids along the way. In groups of five plus an instructor, the “rafting” down the river will take approx. 2 hours. As Numirah said, 2 hrs is more than enough time for the instructors to get you all wet!! Getting wet aside, we should be able to enjoy also the picturesque scene of Sungai Kampar.

Adventure Caving & Flying Fox
AFTER all the wet stuff and some picnic lunch later, we will be “caving” Gua Kandu, a former hide-out during the Communist insurgency. In this multi-level, multi-chambered cave, walkways and lights are certainly NOT to be expected. Instead, be prepared to scramble and get dirty!! As with all of the adventure movies, there is always a grand final. A 30-seconds (probably depending on your weight etc) flying fox at the exit of the cave will mark the end of our adventure trip.

A short clip of the previous whitewater rafting events was shown after the introduction. During the Q&A session, while answering our curiosity, Numirah also explained the risks involved and Nomad’s well-established safety procedures. Rest assured, it is SAFE by just using common sense, as she claimed. At the end of the session, most of us were probably satisfied with all our questions and will be looking forward to the event!!

Just one more thing, pray for a bit of rain on 10th Dec!!