Happy Festival of Lights

7 11 2005

“A deepavali trail we will go… we’ll eat some muruku, some mutton curry and then chat a bit then eat some more… oh a deepavali trail we will go!!”

1. First stop, Deepavali Day – Premila’s place
Highlight : Someone looking very cun in a traditional saree… 😉


2. Second stop, Deepavali Day – the routine tea time visit to President Sham’s at PP Shree’s house.
Highlight : Steven, Anand & Terrence started caroling a bit earlier this year…


3. Third stop a few days later on 5 Nov – the joint hosting by Ganesh, IPDRR Brahma and DRRE Chandra. Highlight : The pretty lights and kolam, Mei Han in salwar kameez, as well as meeting the DRR & her exco from District 3310.





2 responses

10 11 2005

Thanks guys for taking care of us when we were there. Great food, Great fun and Great Fellowship! THANKS!! 🙂

10 11 2005

Yikes forgot to mention i’m Dalon 😛 haha

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