A Leafy and Leech-y Deeparaya :)

20 11 2005

Project Greenwalk, 19th Nov 2005, @FRIM…
Report by Amit Gupta

Nov 19th was a special day for some of the children (including the
RACKL children 😉 from 2 homes. 9 children from Karunai Illam and 20
children from Ti-Ratana were taken for a fun-filled trip to the Forest
Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM). This trip termed as ‘Project
Green Walk’ included an adventurous jungle trekking and an exciting
walk thru the musuem. For your information, FRIM happens to be the
premier institution of malaysia for R&D on forestry and forest
Walking among the greens
The day started off by gathering outside the FRIM with the children
being picked from their respective homes. Dividing the complete team
into 4 groups with one rotaract volunteer serving as the gaurdian for
one kid, we started off the jungle walk accompanied by FRIM tour
guides. The jungle walk enlightened us wth the various beauties the
jungle has to offer (the natural beauties laah). We came across a
natural pond, tongkat ali, bamboo and various other natural sites that
the forest had in store. Not to mention the different types of insects
and mosquitos encountered on the way, and the blood sucking leeches
that was a frightening sight for some of the kids (including the
rotaract girls). The children got a chance to see the various artifacts
kept inside the FRIM museum as well.
greenwalk team
After the tiring walk thru the jungle, it was makan time. But this was
not the end. After this was another round of fun-filled activities like
playing games (poison box and Get Me What I want) and cheerleading
competition for all the 4 groups. To conclude the day, it was time for
the prize and gifts distribution for the kids. All in all, it was a
happy ending for the day, thanks to all the sponsors for the event (big
shout out to Bank Of America and Rotarian Halim for the lunch!!), the
RACKL members, guests, the volunteers for the day and of course, the
children for tolerating their respective guardians.


Achieving Success Against All Odds

13 11 2005

Souvenir to DGE Datuk Jimmy
Originally uploaded by Kavangel.

Date: 12 November 2005, Venue: Ampang Room Holiday Villa

From the 3 old men who founded Rotary to its impressive movement across continents and around the world, DGE Datuk Jimmy Lim provided us with hilarious antecdotes and insightful stories about how Rotary and he himself achieved success against all odds. Hearing about the success stories of rotarians and rotaractors around the world was enough to make us sit up and take note and perhaps hope that we too would one day be listed as “Success Stories in the ROtary/Rotaract World” 🙂

Happy Festival of Lights

7 11 2005

“A deepavali trail we will go… we’ll eat some muruku, some mutton curry and then chat a bit then eat some more… oh a deepavali trail we will go!!”

1. First stop, Deepavali Day – Premila’s place
Highlight : Someone looking very cun in a traditional saree… 😉


2. Second stop, Deepavali Day – the routine tea time visit to President Sham’s at PP Shree’s house.
Highlight : Steven, Anand & Terrence started caroling a bit earlier this year…


3. Third stop a few days later on 5 Nov – the joint hosting by Ganesh, IPDRR Brahma and DRRE Chandra. Highlight : The pretty lights and kolam, Mei Han in salwar kameez, as well as meeting the DRR & her exco from District 3310.


Giving a little to those in need

1 11 2005


Through kind donations (TQ Datuk Jimmy) as well as our successful Halloween Party fundraising, we managed to come up with RM1000 to be donated to the South Asia Quake Fund. The fund is in aid of the victims of the devastating Pakistani Earthquake.