Buka Puasa with the kids

31 10 2005

When? 30 October 2005, Where? Rumah Solehah Bdr Tun Razak, Who? RACKL n IEM G&S
Report by Organising Chairperson Kong

Rumah Solehah was established in June 1978 to provide shelter and protection for women infected and affected by HIV/AIDS who were neglected and homeless. Currently,there are 8 women living there and all are HIV+ patients. Some are alone and some have children in the home. What is certain is that they have all been rejected by their own families, regardless of how theywere inflicted with the HIV virus in the first place.There are 16 live-in children ranging from 5 months -10 years old (some are HIV positive and some are not). The liveliness of the children belies theirbackground, whereby some of them were abandoned atbirth and some whose parents have passed away becauseof AIDS.

Arriving early at the home, we were immediately welcomed by the kids who grabbed our hands and practically climbed on us while they showed us around. Some of us even got special names like Abang Kacak and Kakak Beg Pink. They are so energetic and playful and we can’t keep up with them. After awhile, Kak Wan gave us some pointers on how to handle the children.She told us that we cannot spoil them and sometimes we gotta discpline them a little if they are too much.


There was a whole array of delicious food to buka puasa with, thanks to our volunteers. After preparing the food, we sat the children in a bigcircle and waited for the time for the announcement from a nearby mosque to break their fast. At 7pm, itwas time and all the children and adults started tobreak their fast by consuming one kurma and drinkingsome water. After that, everyone started eating. It was a food fest!

Next on the agenda was games galore! We started with ‘Pass TheParcel’ game, where a parcel is passed around with music. Once the music stops, the children gotta open the parcel and check what was the instruction on the parcel. Some of the instruction were singing, act like superman, become a monkey, dancing, make everyone laugh, etc. It was funny and exciting.


Then the game was ‘Kavita Says…’ game where everyone had to follow the action of the codes that Kavita says such as “Cikgu datang”, “Cikgu pergi”, tsunami, polis datang, polis pergi, superman, gempa bumi and menari. If not, they are forfeited. You know what? These children are real fast learners and we can’t keep up with them. So we need to introduce another more difficult game. It’s call the ‘Sharon Says… But Do The Opposite’ game where the children have to do the opposite of what Sharon says.This game was more challenging for the children but they were 3 children who are really good at this game and it lasted quite awhile to find the winner. For the last game we had ‘Musical Chair’ game and after that we gave presents to all the winners.

After all the games, Ho from IEM G&S presented 9 of the children with a pair of slippers as these weredesperately needed by them. What about those kids who did not win anything during the games? Not to worry, cause we saved the best for the last! Everyone got a Raya Goodie Bag which consist of some snack, chocolates, sweets, jelly, etc. as a farewell gift! You should have seen the wide smiles on their faces. If that was not enough, we gave all the children ‘duit raya’ in green packets (RM10 per child) for the Hari Raya Celebration. (Thanks for those who have donated the money!) For the adults, Sham from RACKL presented a hamper of snacks & goodies for them. We also presented some colour pencils and colouring books to Kak Wan to pass to the children. We wanted to stay a bit later, but the children got to prepare to get to bed early.


More photos can be found at http://photos.yahoo.com/rotaract_kl under the Rumah Solehah Buka Puasa Album.




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