Eggs & Teambuilding

2 10 2005

Rackl’s club assembly cum teambuilding, 1st Oct 2005 at Ampang Room, Holiday Villa Jalan Ampang.
Report by Kim Kek Seong & Shamini Nadarajah

The transition from the 1st quarter of the RACKL Term 2005/06 was of course, true to RACKL’s theme this term “Fellowship Trough Service’ and “Being Different”. Deciding to embark on a team building activity rather that a traditional round table discussion to review the past quarter and plan for the next.

From as far as Port Dickson, with car breakdowns, early morning grumpiness, tuition classes, and giving up walks around the park, the 17 members of team RACKL got down to Holiday Villa for a surprise that October 1st Saturday morning. And all for the chance to welcome 2 handsome gentlemen of high standards of leadership; role models as ordinary people who aim to be amongst the best; friends of many; and excellent motivators… the eggyolk brothers from TanWong Consulting Sdn Bhd, the TWO and ONLY TWO – PP Thomas Tan & PP Ryan Wong!!!!

A corset? No foundation? 4 girlfriends at one time? Not acting your age? A scar at the back? Kissed your first boyfriend at 15? OOOuuuuiiiiii…the secrets…the ice breaking game was simply something that got us knowing each other a little deeper than we care to share in all these time we have been together…but it was a good beginning to the rest of the day!

Warmed up by these hot secrets, we went on to the next activity – coming up with logos for our club (Ed: Much to the happiness of the PR Director who so happens to be in search of club logo designs!). What a bunch of “creative” people we were with feng shui incorporated Hogwarts style many hands logos coming out in the open. The most important thing though, was the key words and elements used to describe the club – caring, revolutionary, leaders, fun, and most importantly friendship & fellowship.


Next, challenged to see if we err… had enough balls to pass around a ball. Mr Egg warned us to pass the ball to everyone in the circle without repeating within the time record. Not satisfied to do just that, we set to beat the record by achieving shorter time targets. Through discussion, lateral thinking and going to the drawing board many times over, we improved slowly until we made it and beat the 5 second record! Woo hoo!!!

Can you imagine building towers by a bunch of mute engineers and architects? The main ingredients of communication tested were patience, art of listening and the belief in collective effort. Making 8 level towers with limited resources must have tremendous creativity. The scavenger hunt was a bit challenging. From Akademi Fantasia final four to pulling hairs and making holes in socks right up to the grand finale of Steven wearing Li Sun’s bra while singing Rasa Sayang! We still can’t stop laughing about that.

It was not all fun and games. Important lessons were learnt like “friends are a mirror of ourselves”, “prioritize through consensus”, and “everyone deserves a day in court though the final decision is up to the leader or majority, we support it”. The games helped us reflect and now team RACKL stands united.




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