Buka Puasa with the kids

31 10 2005

When? 30 October 2005, Where? Rumah Solehah Bdr Tun Razak, Who? RACKL n IEM G&S
Report by Organising Chairperson Kong

Rumah Solehah was established in June 1978 to provide shelter and protection for women infected and affected by HIV/AIDS who were neglected and homeless. Currently,there are 8 women living there and all are HIV+ patients. Some are alone and some have children in the home. What is certain is that they have all been rejected by their own families, regardless of how theywere inflicted with the HIV virus in the first place.There are 16 live-in children ranging from 5 months -10 years old (some are HIV positive and some are not). The liveliness of the children belies theirbackground, whereby some of them were abandoned atbirth and some whose parents have passed away becauseof AIDS.

Arriving early at the home, we were immediately welcomed by the kids who grabbed our hands and practically climbed on us while they showed us around. Some of us even got special names like Abang Kacak and Kakak Beg Pink. They are so energetic and playful and we can’t keep up with them. After awhile, Kak Wan gave us some pointers on how to handle the children.She told us that we cannot spoil them and sometimes we gotta discpline them a little if they are too much.


There was a whole array of delicious food to buka puasa with, thanks to our volunteers. After preparing the food, we sat the children in a bigcircle and waited for the time for the announcement from a nearby mosque to break their fast. At 7pm, itwas time and all the children and adults started tobreak their fast by consuming one kurma and drinkingsome water. After that, everyone started eating. It was a food fest!

Next on the agenda was games galore! We started with ‘Pass TheParcel’ game, where a parcel is passed around with music. Once the music stops, the children gotta open the parcel and check what was the instruction on the parcel. Some of the instruction were singing, act like superman, become a monkey, dancing, make everyone laugh, etc. It was funny and exciting.


Then the game was ‘Kavita Says…’ game where everyone had to follow the action of the codes that Kavita says such as “Cikgu datang”, “Cikgu pergi”, tsunami, polis datang, polis pergi, superman, gempa bumi and menari. If not, they are forfeited. You know what? These children are real fast learners and we can’t keep up with them. So we need to introduce another more difficult game. It’s call the ‘Sharon Says… But Do The Opposite’ game where the children have to do the opposite of what Sharon says.This game was more challenging for the children but they were 3 children who are really good at this game and it lasted quite awhile to find the winner. For the last game we had ‘Musical Chair’ game and after that we gave presents to all the winners.

After all the games, Ho from IEM G&S presented 9 of the children with a pair of slippers as these weredesperately needed by them. What about those kids who did not win anything during the games? Not to worry, cause we saved the best for the last! Everyone got a Raya Goodie Bag which consist of some snack, chocolates, sweets, jelly, etc. as a farewell gift! You should have seen the wide smiles on their faces. If that was not enough, we gave all the children ‘duit raya’ in green packets (RM10 per child) for the Hari Raya Celebration. (Thanks for those who have donated the money!) For the adults, Sham from RACKL presented a hamper of snacks & goodies for them. We also presented some colour pencils and colouring books to Kak Wan to pass to the children. We wanted to stay a bit later, but the children got to prepare to get to bed early.


More photos can be found at http://photos.yahoo.com/rotaract_kl under the Rumah Solehah Buka Puasa Album.


Upcoming events!!

28 10 2005

Share in this time of giving, buka puasa with the residents of the home who are HIV+ or kids of HIV+ parents.
30 October 2005, 6.30pm
call Sham at 012 275 4716

2 Nov – 4 Nov 2005…
jyotiWishing all RACKLians, guests and everybody else… candleanim

Professional Development Talk by DGE Datuk Jimmy
12 Nov 2005, 3.30pm, Holiday Villa Jalan Ampang
Interested? Call Sham at 012 275 4716 or Jenn at 012 634 7608 for more info.

Don’t forget to join us for our Festive community service project – picnic, trekking and most importantly spending time with the kids!
19 Nov, morning at Forest Research Institute Malaysia
More info call Xin Ni at 012 627 7562 to volunteer


26 10 2005

When: 22 October 2005, What: Halloween BBQ nite, Where: Kajang Country Heights, Who: Rackl n IEM G&S.

It’s close to dusk and something evil’s lurking in the dark,
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart,
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it,
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes,You’re paralyzed

You hear the door slam and realize there’s nowhere left to run
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you’ll ever see the sun
You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination
But all the while you hear the creature creepin’ up behind

And you know it’s gonna be a THRILLER THRILLER NITE!!


From the haunted entrance, to the coven of witches (including some Hogwarts and Charmed branded ones), maniacal scientist, scary vampires/pontianaks, cowboys, red indian, devils and angels (in disguise ;)…hehehe) as well as perhaps the most scariest monster of all – the Insurance Salesman, it was enough to make one scarily awesome nite!!


Kicking off with an interesting presentation by IS Director Premila on how different cultures and countries celebrate the dead, it was then a rush by the ghouls to feast on some interesting food including a yuckylicious salad and enough meat to satisfy the more carnivorous of the ghosts.

Here’s some highlights of the evening:
* Seductively saucy Twister – let’s just say that Neeraj was a very lucky man that night! 😉 hehe…
* Fortune Telling – getting married only at 58? Well, our gypsy from IEM sure had a long line
* Mafia – okay its proven, the racklians arent as analytical as the IEM engineers… as the rules had to be repeated a trilliion times by the poor gamemaster 😛
* Best Dressed Hantu – VJ who came as the scary Insurance Salesman… practically sent people ducking for cover when passing out his “namecard”



Oh, before I forget… the event managed to raise funds in aid of Pakistan Earthquake victims which will be passed on to the Mercy Malaysia-Star fund this Monday!! Shows how we can do some charity while having fun. Good job to all who helped make this nite a success!!

For more Halloween photos as well as Mars & Venus photos, check out our album at http://photos.yahoo.com/rotaract_kl

Survivor RYLA

12 10 2005

What? Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 05/06
Where? Outward Bound School, Lumut
When? 22 – 25 Sept 2005
Who? Ganesh, Kavita, Lauren, Lai Peng, Michael, Xin Ni & Lucy
Report by Michael Seah & Kavita Sukanandan

The RACKL contingent for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2005/06 is back after a grueling 100 hours. After avoiding the indoor-based RYLAs for the past few years, the outdoor one finally materialised and we were not disappointed. Special thanks to our wonderful Rotary Club of KL Diraja who were generous enough to extend their sponsorship to cover all of us – Ganesh, Kavita, Michael, Lai Peng, Lauren, Steven, Xin Ni and special guest Lucy who came all the way from Sydney.

Reaching Lumut, everyone was quickly divided off into different teams and to our horror, all our little necessities like handphones, entertainment, snacks and wallets were seized including someone’s iron (why would they bring an iron to an outdoor camp?). The different teams were also given daily-rotated duties at the mess hall like cleaning tables, washing dishes and washing the toilets. After some icebreaking within the team, we were allowed to return to our lodging which saw some gender inequality as the 40 girls had to share an old wooden dormitory far away and the guys got nice bank sponsored 2 person rooms!!!

The first night we were taken on a blind man’s trek where without the use of torchlights we had to find our way up with the guidance of our instructor. To our surprise once we reached the top, he purposely “disappeared” and we had to find our own way back with only one torchlight to guide us! It was a test of teamwork and trust as we had to totally trust our appointed team leaders to find the way. Reaching back we were tired enough to head back to our beds early.

Day two saw us facing a 6am wakeup call for an exercise session which turned out to be really fun as we learnt how to dance the poko-poko. The opening ceremony was next on the agenda as DG Ken was there to officiate the RYLA. Steven and Kavita got the chance to be flag bearers (Ed: yeah, and I got stuck with the name Puteri Indera Kayangan :P).


After that, it was time for the educational talks which surprisingly were really interesting with topics ranging from career advancement to a hilarious class on social etiquette! After a quick tea, it was time for some crazy games like Clock Tower, a very violent Dragon’s Tail and Captain’s ship. Nightfall saw us getting a briefing on our jungle expedition to Teluk Penyalang.

The 6 am exercise of day three saw us gasping for air and dangling imaginary nasi lemak in front of us as we were taken for a jog. It was amazing to see inter-team motivation as even strangers were there to support and motivate each other. Barely crawling back to base, we were immediately put to the task of rope climbing. While many looked like spiderman crawling easily up the rope wall, I got stuck hanging halfway. But with encouragement, cheers and advice from my team Gading, I managed to reach the top and hit that beam!


Embarking on our unforgettable jungle expedition next with heavy backpacks filled with camping equipment, none of us would have imagined the crisis we went through by getting lost in the jungle and enduring an 8 hour trek well into the night. While team Gading managed to reach the camp by midnight, team Trus Madi had to put up with sleeping in cramped confines on a slope in the jungle with roots poking their backs (Rumour has it that none of them will forget the taunt “I’ll see you when you get there, if you ever get there” from Gading).

Waking up later at 7am on day four, we realized one big problem at the camp… how do you go do your morning erm routine in a bush barely 5 metres from the campsite? After a scrumptious breakfast of kaya bread and canned chicken curry, it was time to head back to camp. Thankfully there was actually a much shorter and easier route available which only took us an hour to reach back. And while the beds beckoned temptingly, it was not to be as we still had to go sea kayaking. Not that we’re complaining because the kayaking was not only fun but invigorating and rejuvenating, especially in the cool sea breeze as we tried to play “bumper” kayak and ram into other people… hehe!!

The last day BBQ and performance is a tradition at OBS. With very little time, we still managed to prepare interesting performances with a medley of songs, drama, comedy and rapping! Also there to celebrate our success at completing the program were the Rotarians from various sponsoring clubs and PDG Arasu. As we sang Auld Lang Syne and The OB Spirit song, we couldn’t help but feel sad as although our nice comforts in KL were awaiting us, it meant we had to part with our newly formed friends.

Eggs & Teambuilding

2 10 2005

Rackl’s club assembly cum teambuilding, 1st Oct 2005 at Ampang Room, Holiday Villa Jalan Ampang.
Report by Kim Kek Seong & Shamini Nadarajah

The transition from the 1st quarter of the RACKL Term 2005/06 was of course, true to RACKL’s theme this term “Fellowship Trough Service’ and “Being Different”. Deciding to embark on a team building activity rather that a traditional round table discussion to review the past quarter and plan for the next.

From as far as Port Dickson, with car breakdowns, early morning grumpiness, tuition classes, and giving up walks around the park, the 17 members of team RACKL got down to Holiday Villa for a surprise that October 1st Saturday morning. And all for the chance to welcome 2 handsome gentlemen of high standards of leadership; role models as ordinary people who aim to be amongst the best; friends of many; and excellent motivators… the eggyolk brothers from TanWong Consulting Sdn Bhd, the TWO and ONLY TWO – PP Thomas Tan & PP Ryan Wong!!!!

A corset? No foundation? 4 girlfriends at one time? Not acting your age? A scar at the back? Kissed your first boyfriend at 15? OOOuuuuiiiiii…the secrets…the ice breaking game was simply something that got us knowing each other a little deeper than we care to share in all these time we have been together…but it was a good beginning to the rest of the day!

Warmed up by these hot secrets, we went on to the next activity – coming up with logos for our club (Ed: Much to the happiness of the PR Director who so happens to be in search of club logo designs!). What a bunch of “creative” people we were with feng shui incorporated Hogwarts style many hands logos coming out in the open. The most important thing though, was the key words and elements used to describe the club – caring, revolutionary, leaders, fun, and most importantly friendship & fellowship.


Next, challenged to see if we err… had enough balls to pass around a ball. Mr Egg warned us to pass the ball to everyone in the circle without repeating within the time record. Not satisfied to do just that, we set to beat the record by achieving shorter time targets. Through discussion, lateral thinking and going to the drawing board many times over, we improved slowly until we made it and beat the 5 second record! Woo hoo!!!

Can you imagine building towers by a bunch of mute engineers and architects? The main ingredients of communication tested were patience, art of listening and the belief in collective effort. Making 8 level towers with limited resources must have tremendous creativity. The scavenger hunt was a bit challenging. From Akademi Fantasia final four to pulling hairs and making holes in socks right up to the grand finale of Steven wearing Li Sun’s bra while singing Rasa Sayang! We still can’t stop laughing about that.

It was not all fun and games. Important lessons were learnt like “friends are a mirror of ourselves”, “prioritize through consensus”, and “everyone deserves a day in court though the final decision is up to the leader or majority, we support it”. The games helped us reflect and now team RACKL stands united.