Women are from MARS, Men are in love with VENUS and I like to eat sneakers!

30 09 2005

Mysteries of mysteries….

A forum on MARS and VENUS…no it’s not astronomy nor about greek gods…… it’s a little forum cum discussion curteosy of the former Professional Development director me! I’ve always told my friends…..the key to understanding women is to not try to understand them…

The results of our discussion proved me partially right. Our forum had men and women grouped amongts their own gender to share ideas, suggestions and experience in attempting to figure out the opposite sex…… though i doubt either sex got any sex after…….

The questions were a mixture of heavy and light questions allowing our Martians and Venusians to take intellectual breathers now and then. Both parties got tips on flirting and pick-up lines…… the decent ones and the ones to avoid… although my personal favourite definitely is “Is the flight fully booked????”

After the discussion the martians and venusians proceeded to Bujang Lapok cafe for dinner to continue enjoying each others company while practising our national past time!




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