New Ninja Turtles – RACKL goes turtle rescuing!!

12 09 2005

Date: 10 & 11 September 2005, Venue: Padang Kemunting, Melaka. Event: Trip to turtle sanctuary organized by professional devt & community service avenues. Report by President Shamini Nadarajah.

“Not sure who was the OC, but an excellent trip!
Educational, fun, sweaty and a cost efficient budget trip. Think I have also
successfully completed my annual exercise!”

~ Words from a wise well-satisfied volunteer!

It was indeed a great event; a total educational opportunity to many – eye opening and mind stirring and definitely brought up the biologist and nature lover in us!

Run baby run!! Releasing baby turtles

* Did you know that the sex of a turtle is determined by the temperature of the surroundings where the eggs are laid?
* Did you know that the same turtles that hatch out at a particular place come back to the EXACT spot after 25 years to lay its eggs?
* Did you know that the chance of a newly hatched turtle to live is 1 to 1000? Some say 1 to 10000!!!
Well, I did not know but now I do!

safeplaceforturtle hardworkforus

We helped pull out the weeds, grass, wild plants and dug trenches working with the fisheries department and the WWF. We also did our parts by doing night shift along the beach to look out for mother turtles while enjoying the clear star-sparkling sky and the calm sounds of the waves. Well, apart from the education, we had a great time just hanging out with each other at meal times and yakking over the spicy-licious dinner of ikan bakar, nasi lemak, sotong sambal, clams, and sweet sirap limau!

Great stuff Irfan (Professional Development Director) & Xin Ni (Community Service Director) and OC Kavita (who figured that she was already too wise to attend 😉 well, the pain in her mouth with the popping out of wisdom tooth)! Thank you members and guests who made the journey to Padang Kemuniting, Melaka on Saturday and the trip back enjoyable and memorable. Special mention to the ever dependable photographers Kong & Wilson who even the colours of the shoes and the tiniest of the turtle were not left without being snapped!

For more photos, check out

By the way, the Sanctuary is looking for a continuous flow of volunteers to help with their activities…Team RACKL would like to forward their request to the rest of the Clubs in the district to consider this as a project. For further info, do contact Irene (RACKL’s mother nature who helps run the volunteer program) at 012 3180062.




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