Tanggal tiga puluh satu…

2 09 2005

Date: 30/31 August 2005, Event: Merdeka Sleepover
Stopover One: Room 1512, Kuala Lumpur Hilton

Checked into KL Hilton after work/college (special thanks to our Miss HSBC Mei Han). Was immediately wowed by all the facilities in the room and this was followed by a frenzy of photo taking of everything from the bathroom, the tv, the beds right up to the RM4000 weighing scale and japanese robes. Then we found out there were no locks on the bathroom or toilet (including a very close call with exposure :P) .

The breathtaking view of KL city from our room

Stopover Two: Alfred’s Kopitiam@Bangsar
Walked over to KL Sentral which was jam packed to take the lrt. Luckily we were going in the opposite direction than the crowd. Reached Bangsar and went over to Alfred’s Kopitiam for dinner where we were joined by PDRR Brahma, Prez Dinesh from Gombak, IEM dudes and other medley of guests. Yummylicious food including finger licking chicken wings and some sorta otak-otak stuff and free flow of drinks.

Some of the more “desperate” of us rushed off at 10.30 to Li Sun’s office across the road to watch Desperate Housewives. At 12, joined the crowd on Bangsar street for the countdown and looking out for fireworks (which were delayed for some reason).

Stopover Three: Back to Hilton
Highlight of watching a burning motorcycle on the way back. Indulged in a round of Taboo but was quickly hushed by the appearence of two security personnel. Also, had some fun when one of the IEM dudes (sorry man, i forgot ur name) was greatly surprised when he accidentally switched on the butt washer instead of the flush… Hahahhaaha….

Apparently someone complained that we were making too much noise. The rest of the night was spent talking in whispers. Mikey arrives around 2am with the horror movie DVDS and our plan for a marathon turned into marathon sleeping as the movie “Poltergeist” put half of us to sleep.
merdekahilton2 What happens when u go to sleep watching a cute little possessed girl. 😉

And if you’re wondering what happened when we woke up… it was a round of exploring and more hilton photo taking as well as a show of plasma tv Phantom of The Opera (and the phrase let’s just watch them sing one more song that made us extend our check out until 1.30pm… hehehe)




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5 09 2005

Hai! The merdeka celebration this year is indeed one of the best!! Thanks to those who have participated. Mikey is so “cool” while sleeping…… )P:

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