Buzzt… taboo wars & secret to good IEM BBQ

29 08 2005

Date: 28 August 2005
Part I — Venue: Ampang Room Holiday Villa, Event: The art of teamwork a.k.a Taboo Wars!!!

Guests outnumbered the members in attendance today, with special attendees of the Pro Tem Rotaract Club of Melawati and Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Melawati as well as some new faces (Joanne, Carol, Audrey, Anu… heya!!! if ur reading this πŸ™‚ ). Kickin off things was the ice breaker where long lost shoe size/watch brand/ occupation twins were reunited. Some even went off to form a threesome despite the rules of choosing only one more partner…


Quick reports aside, it was off to form our armies, err i mean groups… (a bit of confusion here over numbers, alpha tango charlie delta etc… hey we had warfare strategy to think about!!!! ). If you don’t knoe what Taboo is, its a game where you havta describe a word to your teammates without using any other words that is printed on the card… (:P if you think that sounds easy peasy, try goin against an hourglass, annoying opposition armed with a farter/buzzer and worse, brain freeze…aaaaaaarrrrrgghhhh). Anyways, divided into two games as we had so many people, it was not only a war between the two groups in the game but an intergame war as well between who could make the most noise and drown out the other game! hahaha, i think Steven and Terrence deserve a well earned mention for this… Steven also wins the highest negative score of all!!! Was pretty cool seeing the rotarians come down to the floor and join us too… p/s Rotary President Doris has a mean grasp of vocab, be sure to catch her in your group next time πŸ™‚


The winner of the games squared off in the finals, with much kacauing from the second best teams (losers lah!) who were even more determined in causing distracting ruckus in guerrila revenge… mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! At the end of the day, team 4 won with second runner up from team 1, but in true rotaract spirit, everyone was a winner and got a bite of the yummy prizes…

Part II – – Event: IEM BBQ fellowship, Venue: Bukit OUG Condo poolside
The nite’s fellowship was by special invitation from our friends over at the G&S IEM to join them in a BBQ session. Yummy chicken wings, sausages and balls (hoi, dont think naughty naughty :P) were on the menu so who were we to refuse?
IEMbbq2 Chau Fong’s hands were dirty all nite, must be the secret to good BBQ… hehehe

Anyways, topics of the nite included weird email addresses, who’d we see in hell, as well as various attempts to practice swimming pool dunkin… Birthday Boy Suresh was the most successful target (serves the dude rite, posing next to the pool for a photo… sucker! πŸ˜‰ and he got a birthday dunking just before blowing out his candles… The nite continued on with a game of Mafia!




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