Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, err wahts the fifth???

21 08 2005

Event: Rac Bangsar’s 5 elements Installation Dinner, Date: 20 August 2005, Venue: Shah’s Village Ballroom

Highlight of the day… Ganesh getting voted top three sexiest male for the night by (drumroll) IPDRR Brahma!!!! Check out how he tried to wow the audience for cheer votes with some eye-popping shaking and bumping πŸ˜‰
bgsarinst 017

Bangsar talented singers certainly mesmerized the crowd with guest Sri Devi belting out “Vaseegara”, OC Jay Sindhu with “There You’ll Be” and of course, the cream of the evening (which certainly set most females hearts a-fluttering.. hehehe) was PD director Sanjay Naidu singing Joey McIntyre. Well, the boisterous RACKL table decided to take it a step further by adding candlelight salutes to the dude! πŸ˜€
bgsarinst 011

All in all, we just wanna wish newly installed Bangsar President Chandra & his BOD all the best in their term ahead!
bgsarinst 026




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