To Eden & Back

16 08 2005

Date: 13 August 2005, Venue: Hang Li Po Ballroom, MINES resort, What: Garden Of Eden 37th installation

So after much panic and moving of venue from beach back to ballroom, the stupid haze didnt show up. But i say it didnt matter whether we had sand between our toes or carpeting because the Garden of Eden rocked! And I must say, credit goes to the yin & yang – oreo Organising Chairpersons Ganesh n Mei Han who got us to Eden, lured us from temptation and now back safely to start moving on with an amazin term ahead of us! Although why Ganesh decided Caesar belonged in Eden is another story 😛

Yin&Yang OCs who brought us to Eden...

After rehearsals, goin crazy with flower petal sprinkling & apple arranging, the girls went to make themselves pretty while the guys did their own thing. Alas, the water supply got cut in the hotel after only four people managed to shower, but some extra dashes of perfume/cologne probably helped that situation… hehehe…

The VIPs arrived not only on time but early as well. So from the very start, the timing of the entire programme was perfect. The sound of a strangled elephant… erm I mean didgeridoo blown by Alumni VJ marked the start of the day followed by the usual speeches by the VIP. Datuk Abdul Razak, VP of our sponsoring Rotary club even shared a joke about how this guy who wished that his wife was 20 years younger got turned into someone 20 years older instead!! So be careful with what you wish for (but i think his point was more of how Rotaractors make the Rotarians feel younger or sumthin like that 🙂

Lonely Adam Irfan was not so lonely after the survivor-ish arrival of Eve Premila – the Emcees for the evening. But they were not the only Adam & Eve around. Apparently after getting thrown out of Eden, Adam discovered Appeton Weight Gain and Eve discovered L’Oreal Whitening cream and they (drumroll) became Chinese! Hehe.. dont shoot me yet… actually they became Steven & Irene the Adam & Eve of our sketch. From typical guy-girl scenarios that made the guys in the audience cheering on the macho adam as he pronounced “from this day forward, man shall not listen to woman”. To the girls who clapped a frustrated Eve on as she told Adam to “talk to the hand cos the head ain’t listening”. The scene ended with both of them getting busy… erm, we censored that part… although Steven’s tail wagging managed to escape the censors notice 😉

Dinner time saw a yummy buffet spread with guests and members alike going a few rounds to grab grilled lamb chops, crabs, roast chicken and of course the super desserts.

After a poignant speech from outgoing president Celestina and the members farewell gift to her in form of messages on a tree, President Shamini was installed. Playing a ‘best & worst’ montage of her incoming Board of Directors (Wonder if she noticed we were literally trying to crawl away unnoticed after all our “worsts” were on display?) , Prez Sham or as we affectionately know her Madam Dictator (nah, am just jokin… she knoes where i live) installed her female dominated BOD ready to face all the challenges in the term

The dancers who had been practising for weeks their ‘flying flamingo swaying bamboo’ moves wowed the audience so much, that even Datuk Mus (our beloved Rotarian who looks like the emperor in Mulan) was seen snapping shots…


Secret judges for the Adam & Natural Eve contest, Kala & VJ shared with us the rib-tickling ways of how to identify the perfect Adam…. he just needs to have a big, BULGING, round………….. Adam’s apple lah! What were you thinking… 😛 The chosen Adam from IEM & the Eve from RAC UTP of course couldnt just get the prize like that… they had to bite the forbidden fruit first! The prize? More forbidden fruits lah! we had to get rid of all that extra apples we had some way !! 😉

Adam&Eve bite the apple

The nite ended with some photo taking and then we were off to the longest mamak table session with our guests and IEM, RAC Bangsar, RAC Subang. Another half who weren’t too tired yet, decided to seek more temptation and last heard headed down for a night of clubbing with RAC Melaka.




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19 08 2005

:O) nice party…

Hi from NYC!

R2000 :O)

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