Frm belly dance-alicious president’s desk…

26 07 2005

Originally uploaded by Kavangel.

Bounce baby Bounce baby Bounce bounce bounce…
Shake Huney Shake huney shake shake shake…

It was a blast last Saturday afternoon, don’t you think so? I would
say so…definitely!

It was an excellent start to the term and so much appreciation and
congratulations to Premila, the International Service Director…it
was fun huh? It was a great and excellent effort and programme!
Thanks dear.

Well, to all of our new guests, hope you had a great time meeting
and spending your Saturday afternoon and evening with us as much as
we had with you. It was a pleasure to have met all of you and I hope
that we can meet for more fun and fellowship.

The photos are up…Yeah, to you guys who were busy clicking away
with your camera phones..we also have some extra pictures for you to
put up on your walls and to brag of course!

All the smirks, the half smiles, the drooling, the gaga, the highs
and the excitement…we caught it all on video and of course on our
cameras too :). Thankfully we dont have the video with us, but Paola

Well members and guests of Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur, I look
forward to your continuous support and definitely appreciate it

Our next program is already on the way…the next club meeting will
be 27th August. Pen that down. Look out for more information soon.

August 13th however will be the installation of the new Board of
Directors for the term 2005/06 at the Mines Beach Resort. We are
eager to see you there!

Until the next message from my desk here at Scomi Group Bhd…(hang
on…yeap, found my desk under the mess), take care!




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