Let us see not with our eyes but with our hearts!

15 05 2005

Date: 14 May 2005, Venue: Balloon filled Ambassador Room, Holiday Villa a.k.a The usual room lah 🙂
Event 1:Meeting & induction
Edited version of Fam Li Sun’s report

Welcoming our two latest hot chicks – Ms Lauren Lai & Ms Krishnaveni… who have been our long long time guests.

Talk about good timing, just after the ceremony of oath taking was over with, everyone was surprised almost everyone with Lauren receiving a big and beautiful flower bouquet for her induction from her mysterious man and .. leaving Veni stomping on the floor and cursing the man out there! 😉

Windows To Your Soul Cheque Presentation ceremony
Report by Kavita Sukanandan

Every minute a child loses his or her sight. Loses the chance to see the brilliant colors of a comic book, the rainbows in the sky, enjoy sunsets & the twinkling stars…

With this in mind, we embarked on Project Windows To Your Soul – to raise funds towards the vision care of underpriviledged kids. Starting in December on one raining evening with a seemingly impossible target of RM20K, we are proud to have come this far with the same energy, enthusiasm and commitment that we started out with. And of course, we are proud to say……

We surpassed our target and achieved RM26,081.53 which we happily passed on to Dato Dr Veera Ramani, medical coordinator of Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital and vice president of Malaysian Association of the Blind in a historic cheque presentation ceremony today!! All the funds collected will go to the setting up of the new MAB&THONEH centre in Kota Bharu, Kelantan where it will be used for kids with vision problems/ educating blind kids. 🙂 woo hoo, feels good after all the late nights, chicken rice and sweat pouring…

wtys a job well done!

Event 3: Fellowship cum house warming at Irene’s
Report by Fam Li Sun

I haven’t laughed so much for a long time of what happened in Irene’s house! We had a good chat and hearty laugh with the highlight of Xinni’s curious questions which includes gays and man with moustache! 😛 Games were played which all of us end up in the burst of laughter and smiles when we are not supposed to which was part of the rules .. resulting Alfred emerged as the champion with his 2 inches of distance to the face and his tickling voices! 😀 Then, we moved to tangled game which we got untangled and tangled again and .. then the best part was ..one circle become two untangled circles!;-)
tangled game

The night still continue with the game of names of attack! It was so much of fun with all the tounge-tied names and all of us bring back names like jekyll became jack ass, Gucci, mona lisa and many more names! Mike’s early birthday with the big white candle (more like a prayer!) was a sign to tell everyone to .. go home! 😀