Happy Birthday DRR!!

26 04 2005

Date: 23 April 2005, Venue: DRR Brahma’s residence at Kelana Jaya, Occasion: Fellowship & Birthday Celebration!!
Report by Celestina Chin

After a game of counting in German (eins, zwei, drei … !!) and stuffed with choccies we won as prizes, we headed off to our DRR Brahma’s place to celebrate his birthday with him. After lots of food, drink and cake, everyone crowded around everyone else to just enjoy each other’s company and to chit chat! A nice mix of people from RAC Subang, Bangsar and of course, us, were there : )

PE Chandra from Bangsar entertained us with stories of his uncle’s orchard full of wildboars, recalling how he got chased by a few when he was 10! Whilst Siva also from Bangsar, a former groupier at Genting Casino told us all about the toyols and “dark room” they use to “beat up” people who can’t pay… *gasp* is that all true, you wonder?! James from Subang told us how he used to skin the wild game that he and his cousin hunted down in the jungle with bow and arrow … getting his hands all bloody, yuck. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

It was a nice gathering and the warm fellowship between members of different clubs was really felt. Truly muhibbah too ; ) We all got to know each other better at the end of the evening. Excusing myself at the strike of midnight, everyone else followed suit. Thank you DRR Brahma … it was a splendid evening! Looking forward to more fellowship like this.




One response

27 04 2005

Not forgetting, wildboars can only run straight. So, you can either run zig-zag or like what Chandra did, he hugged the tree until all the wildboars went away. That’s smart! Hehe…

Maybe we can have a guided tour to Genting by Siva (or is it Dave?) and show us how to win in a round of roulette =P

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