Ackhts & zwoffs… rackl style :)

24 04 2005

Originally uploaded by Kavangel.

Date: 23 April 2005, Venue: Land of mirrors and shiny dance floor, Ambassador Room Holiday Villa

Meeting started off pretty late today and turn up was cosy (that means, not many peoplez came cos wedding season, work season, rainy season, traffic season and all that mah 😛 hehe). First time, so many agendas were nil oso… which only gave us more time to enjoy the scheduled IS activity and RYLA presentation.

First off, RYLA (Rotaract Youth Leadership Awards) presentation by Jennifer. Ah-ha, Mei Han, now we know of the actress in our midst… btw, you found your slipper already or not? 😀 For all u guys who missed this years RYLA, a little birdie sez the next one is at OBS, Lumut. Sure happening one, sign up when the form comes out!!

Next, the (well cant really say talk, or call it class, or call it game, so let’s just say a mixture of all) by Mr Andreas Lang who taught us all about Germany (the language, how to count including addition and subtraction too, history etc).

So everyone, learn the basics of numbers one to twelve, pronunciation in brackets:
1-eins (as in eins-tein)
2-zwei (zwai)
3-drei (dry)
4-vier (fear)
5-funf (foo-nn-ff)
6-sechs (sex)
7-zieben (zee-ben)
8-acht (say it like u wanna spit or got a hairball stuck in ur throat)
9-neun (noo-yin)
10-zehn (zen)
11- elf (as in small little creature elf)

Got it? Prost!! erm, that means cheers…

Had a round of quiz too where we were divided up into 3 groups – first round multiple choice, second round mathematics, round three – hangman… So off we were trying to figure out who Goethe & Rammstein were, simply main tembak at the unpronouncable german mountain names, how to go acht ploos drei equals elf and we now know that David Beckham isnt german… gasp!! Oh and did I mention that Andreas got everyone laughing when he performed the dances including one very jumping up and down stomp stomp dance. Clearly one very desperate for ferrero rocher but gungho group won… no guesses who, just check out pic 😛




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