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23 04 2005

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Date: 9 April 2005, Venue: Same place where else but Holiday Villa, Topic: PD/Windows To Your Soul talk on Avoidable Blindness
Report by Celestina Chin

PP Dr. Pall Singh, of Rotary Club of Bangsar, is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital. He is a very experienced surgeon, and we were lucky to have him grace our club meeting and deliver a talk on Avoidable Blindness. The talk on his pet subject, as he likes to call it, was very informative for the members and guests. Not many would know that being a diabetic could cause blindness in a patient, if not detected early! Raising awareness of preventable blindness amongst diabetics, are but one of the many efforts of Dr. Pall Singh, who is also the Chairperson of the Rotary District Avoidable Blindness Committee.

He spoke on eye conditions amongst adults and also children, and most importantly the many methods of prevention and avoidance of blindness. (Yes, the 2 are different!) The slideshow presented by Dr. Pall Singh, made a few of us turn away due to its “grossness”, but all in all, it was interesting and “eye-opening” (pardon the cheesiness) indeed!!




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25 04 2005

The talk was definitely an eye opener…After almost 6 months of trying to convince Andreas that he may have to change his big huge gigantic glasses so just in case one fine day his contacts give him problem, he wont be embarassed to wear his glasses…he changed his glasses…the talk definitely freaked him out…phew…one aim achieved…hehehehe:)

20 07 2005

hi fellow rotaractors,
i felt to say hello to u all.
it’s me
kamal ola’ opoola
pp,rotaract club of okota
d9110 nigeria

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