Streetwalkers share their amazing experience…

8 04 2005

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Fun for a Good Cause

First and foremost, let’s put our hands together and congratulate THE ROTARACT CLUB OF KUALA LUMPUR for organising a successful “Windows To Your Soul” Amazing Hunt and their efforts to fund the spectacles for needy children.

Sunday mornings like this don’t come often, churning our brains for answers on our usual day of rest was a rewarding and welcoming change. It is not often that we get to be “kings/queens of the roads” in Bangsar without making a fool of ourselves (or did we?). “Don’t think literally, think laterally” said Ari Krishnan, our team leader, a tip we held on to as far as possible. It was a first time experience for Kathleen and Josephine. We literally stood by each other throughout the race and pooled our resources to unravel the clues and arrived at the finishing line within the stipulated (2.5 hours) time.

Our objective was simple! To have a fun-filled day while we contribute to charity. Despite the cliché, we were surprised to be winners of the inaugural Windows To Your Soul Amazing Hunt, making it a blessing and bonus for us.

Each participant of the Amazing Hunt and its organizers are winners as they/we all subscribed to a good if not great cause. Help the Children See!

The Street-Walkers are grateful for this wonderful opportunity to partake in this charity drive in aid of the Malaysian Association of the Blind & Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital.

Till we meet again,
THE STREET-WALKERS (Ari Krishnan, Kathleen Pereira, Josephine Dionisappu and Anne Amaladasan)




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