Happy Birthday DRR!!

26 04 2005

Date: 23 April 2005, Venue: DRR Brahma’s residence at Kelana Jaya, Occasion: Fellowship & Birthday Celebration!!
Report by Celestina Chin

After a game of counting in German (eins, zwei, drei … !!) and stuffed with choccies we won as prizes, we headed off to our DRR Brahma’s place to celebrate his birthday with him. After lots of food, drink and cake, everyone crowded around everyone else to just enjoy each other’s company and to chit chat! A nice mix of people from RAC Subang, Bangsar and of course, us, were there : )

PE Chandra from Bangsar entertained us with stories of his uncle’s orchard full of wildboars, recalling how he got chased by a few when he was 10! Whilst Siva also from Bangsar, a former groupier at Genting Casino told us all about the toyols and “dark room” they use to “beat up” people who can’t pay… *gasp* is that all true, you wonder?! James from Subang told us how he used to skin the wild game that he and his cousin hunted down in the jungle with bow and arrow … getting his hands all bloody, yuck. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

It was a nice gathering and the warm fellowship between members of different clubs was really felt. Truly muhibbah too ; ) We all got to know each other better at the end of the evening. Excusing myself at the strike of midnight, everyone else followed suit. Thank you DRR Brahma … it was a splendid evening! Looking forward to more fellowship like this.


Ackhts & zwoffs… rackl style :)

24 04 2005

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Date: 23 April 2005, Venue: Land of mirrors and shiny dance floor, Ambassador Room Holiday Villa

Meeting started off pretty late today and turn up was cosy (that means, not many peoplez came cos wedding season, work season, rainy season, traffic season and all that mah πŸ˜› hehe). First time, so many agendas were nil oso… which only gave us more time to enjoy the scheduled IS activity and RYLA presentation.

First off, RYLA (Rotaract Youth Leadership Awards) presentation by Jennifer. Ah-ha, Mei Han, now we know of the actress in our midst… btw, you found your slipper already or not? πŸ˜€ For all u guys who missed this years RYLA, a little birdie sez the next one is at OBS, Lumut. Sure happening one, sign up when the form comes out!!

Next, the (well cant really say talk, or call it class, or call it game, so let’s just say a mixture of all) by Mr Andreas Lang who taught us all about Germany (the language, how to count including addition and subtraction too, history etc).

So everyone, learn the basics of numbers one to twelve, pronunciation in brackets:
1-eins (as in eins-tein)
2-zwei (zwai)
3-drei (dry)
4-vier (fear)
5-funf (foo-nn-ff)
6-sechs (sex)
7-zieben (zee-ben)
8-acht (say it like u wanna spit or got a hairball stuck in ur throat)
9-neun (noo-yin)
10-zehn (zen)
11- elf (as in small little creature elf)

Got it? Prost!! erm, that means cheers…

Had a round of quiz too where we were divided up into 3 groups – first round multiple choice, second round mathematics, round three – hangman… So off we were trying to figure out who Goethe & Rammstein were, simply main tembak at the unpronouncable german mountain names, how to go acht ploos drei equals elf and we now know that David Beckham isnt german… gasp!! Oh and did I mention that Andreas got everyone laughing when he performed the dances including one very jumping up and down stomp stomp dance. Clearly one very desperate for ferrero rocher but gungho group won… no guesses who, just check out pic πŸ˜›

Hunt for the Rotaract Superstar…

23 04 2005

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Date: 16 April 2005, Venue: Mandarin Court Ballroom

Jointly organised by RAC Kajang and KL, the District Superstar Hunt 2004/05 held at Mandarin Court Hotel on 16th April 2005 was an evening to remember. Who can forget how Muralli from RAC Bangsar performed a Michael Jackson number and accidentally throwing his shoes off not once, but twice? And they thought it was part of the show! Who can forget how exciting the modern dance was, delivered by the “twins in black” of RAC UTP? Such talent! Amongst our Rotaractors! The lucky draw prizes were also to die for. Our member, Mei Han went home with a big smile on her face … carrying a Sony DVD player snugly in her arms. How I wish!

At the end of the day, the event achieved its main purpose, i.e., to search for talent amongst Rotaractors in the District and for fellowship. Everyone, from our guests, to Rotaractors, to Rotarians and even the District Governor were having a splash of a time! Congrats to the Organising Chairpersons, Rtr. Kala and Rtr. Neeraj : )

Pins & needles in my eye…

23 04 2005

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Date: 9 April 2005, Venue: Same place where else but Holiday Villa, Topic: PD/Windows To Your Soul talk on Avoidable Blindness
Report by Celestina Chin

PP Dr. Pall Singh, of Rotary Club of Bangsar, is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital. He is a very experienced surgeon, and we were lucky to have him grace our club meeting and deliver a talk on Avoidable Blindness. The talk on his pet subject, as he likes to call it, was very informative for the members and guests. Not many would know that being a diabetic could cause blindness in a patient, if not detected early! Raising awareness of preventable blindness amongst diabetics, are but one of the many efforts of Dr. Pall Singh, who is also the Chairperson of the Rotary District Avoidable Blindness Committee.

He spoke on eye conditions amongst adults and also children, and most importantly the many methods of prevention and avoidance of blindness. (Yes, the 2 are different!) The slideshow presented by Dr. Pall Singh, made a few of us turn away due to its “grossness”, but all in all, it was interesting and “eye-opening” (pardon the cheesiness) indeed!!

Streetwalkers share their amazing experience…

8 04 2005

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Fun for a Good Cause

First and foremost, let’s put our hands together and congratulate THE ROTARACT CLUB OF KUALA LUMPUR for organising a successful “Windows To Your Soul” Amazing Hunt and their efforts to fund the spectacles for needy children.

Sunday mornings like this don’t come often, churning our brains for answers on our usual day of rest was a rewarding and welcoming change. It is not often that we get to be “kings/queens of the roads” in Bangsar without making a fool of ourselves (or did we?). “Don’t think literally, think laterally” said Ari Krishnan, our team leader, a tip we held on to as far as possible. It was a first time experience for Kathleen and Josephine. We literally stood by each other throughout the race and pooled our resources to unravel the clues and arrived at the finishing line within the stipulated (2.5 hours) time.

Our objective was simple! To have a fun-filled day while we contribute to charity. Despite the cliché, we were surprised to be winners of the inaugural Windows To Your Soul Amazing Hunt, making it a blessing and bonus for us.

Each participant of the Amazing Hunt and its organizers are winners as they/we all subscribed to a good if not great cause. Help the Children See!

The Street-Walkers are grateful for this wonderful opportunity to partake in this charity drive in aid of the Malaysian Association of the Blind & Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital.

Till we meet again,
THE STREET-WALKERS (Ari Krishnan, Kathleen Pereira, Josephine Dionisappu and Anne Amaladasan)

It’s raining waterfalls

1 04 2005

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Date: 26 March 2005, Venue: Chamang Waterfalls, Bentong, Pahang.

We were literally blessed with waterfalls all the way from the doorstep of our houses right up to the meeting point of Gombak toll and continuing all the way down the Karak Highway. Yes, it was THAT heavy of a rain which made some of us wonder why we were travelling all the way to Bentong to go and get wet when we already were.

But, just as we arrived at the destination, the sun came through and so like little kids, everyone rushed to catch the breathtaking sight of the gorgeous Chamang Waterfalls. Quick set up of our little picnic buffet at the little shelter and the guys were off jumping out of their pants ahem… more appropriate swim wear. Only of course, we still had a meeting to get through with and someone to induct.

NOTE: First time we probably inducted someone while standing on a table!!

Congrats to one half of the popular N/B duo for finally being inducted into the club. May great things come with you, yadayadayda… on with the more interesting part.

As quick as you can say rain, it came back pouring and so all of us huddled under the zinc shelter and enjoyed some yummy meehoon goreng (courtesy of madam premila, our in house chef).

Funny though what rain can lead some people to do. All I can say is, I’ve got some VERY intriguing photos of someone with a pair of goggles on who like a little kid seemed to enjoy the rain very much doing weird stuff… πŸ˜‰ hehehe…

Rain finally stops, by that time half of us didnt want to get anymore wetter, while the other half couldnt wait to dip into the chilly waters of Chamang. And then it was already 6.30pm and time to go back, but not before some more picture taking at the hanging bridge and next to the falls. In fact, one or two people had to be persuaded to get back into the car to leave.

Rain followed us home too… sigh, notice that i’ve mentioned rain in almost all the paragraphs, but what to do, it was that kind of day… weather wise i mean.

Stopover for dinner at the Janda Baik restaurant. Most of the freezing girls were seen gripping their hot chinese teas for warmth. Ended the nite with Yummy Chocolate Birthday Cake for the march babies (btw, happy birthday Steven!!).