Nutrition & Diet in the 21st century…

1 03 2005

26 feb nutritiondiet talk Rotary Ann Rekha Naidu
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Date: 26 February 2005, Venue: Level 6, Holiday Villa (got kicked out of Ambassador Room temporarily cos sumwan’s 21st bday)

Righto… energy in the room was definitely brimming as there was an encouraging number of beautiful & handsome faces of the new guests. Guess the topic of the day, nutrition & diet in the 21st century is a crowd puller. Everyone searching for the elixir of eternal slim bodies/ good health 😉

Ice breaking for the day (altho rather confusing) was interesting. Matching fruits and the nutrition together to form a team. Can you say Po-ta-ssi-um? Also on the agenda were presentations from the 2 currently warring tribes (erm, promo committees) of Windows To Your Soul & District Superstar Hunt. While Steven & Ganesh decided to shake some booty and get into some provocative poses (all in good fun of course!), Kavita & Catherine decided to go for the more heartstring pulling pitch. So guys & girls, you better head on down to the nearest WTYS or DSH (sigh, i do so have to be fair :P) ticket person and get it!!! Show ur support…

Speaker Rotary Ann Rekha Naidu, enlightened us on many things regarding nutrition & diet. Did you know…

* there are only 200 dieticians in Malaysia
* the reason Msian have weight problems cos we get access to food 24 hours a day. (the bane of Mamak stalls, milo ais & maggi goreng… sigh)

Also, which kind of eater are you?
* Hedonistic – food for pleasure (ring a bell anyone? be honest)
* Moderation – eat but dont indulge
* Worry – everything you enjoy eating is “bad” for you
* Passive – as long as the food is on the table, anything goes.

How can you count your BMI?
Your weight in KG divided by Your height in meter squared.
Ideal BMI is 18.5 to 22.9 for Asians (Now I’m officially worried…)
Your waistline (get those measuring tapes out ASAP) should be less than 90 cm for the guys and gals it should be 80 cm and below.

But at the end of the day its all about MODERATION.

See, told you it was enlightening. Nothing I (guiltily) didn’t already know about but still… Weird though how Q&A saw the guys becoming very interested in (drumroll) breastfeeding. Now that’s what I call the 21st century man!! 🙂

The power of the talk was great enough that the plans for fast food fellowship got detoured BUT… … … not enough to detour us as we made our way to the yummylicious chocolate birthday cake of our February babies – Shirley & Anand!!

As for after meeting fellowship… I heard from one group that it was bowling, another group that it was the movies. Hmm… can only conclude that they were erm… bowling in the movies??? Haha… till then, toodles guys.




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2 03 2005

Oh yeah… MODERATION is the key!

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