Welcomin Uncle Rooster

12 02 2005

Originally uploaded by Kavangel.

After the long 5 day break, we finally regrouped together to head on down for the customary RACKL open house tours.
First stop: Our IPP Elyse’s new house where yummy chicken curry awaited us. Weirdly enough, the gambling session started a bit slow and rather quiet too, almost as if we were erm, gambling at the headmistress’s house 😉 To quote sumwan, “Think if we played Snap there might be more noise” Quick picture taking later, and it was off to the next stop, but not before we manage to get some angpows from the new Mr&Mrs. hehe.
Stop 2: Loong looong journey into the depths of Sungai Buloh in the blistering hot sun to our dear Belle’s house. Luckily, warned Belle ahead of our dire need for cold cold drinks. Another round of lunch and chats with alumni Soon Kheong & Alfred hanging around too. This time though, the gambling session seemed to be taking off… wonder who got big $$$ and who emptied their pockets? Anyone?




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