Reaching Out in the spirit of warmth…

5 02 2005

Originally uploaded by Kavangel.

It was a long overdue duty to finally purchase the blankets we had pledged since early January. Of course, also through the generous donations of blankets and $$$ from our friends, family and public, the bulk total of blankets collected through Project Reach Out was sumwhere around 600 pieces…

Only problem was 600 blankets, are huge… in fact, as we found out last Friday and Saturday, it takes 28 odd sized boxes (sourced out thru some late night rummaging in dumpsters, i hear :O ) and i don’t even want to know how much all those blankets weighed… judging from our freight bill…

But it was great fun (discussing the proper techniques of sitting and compressing a boxful of blankets – do fat bums, skinny bums or punching with ur bare knuckles work better… hmm? as well as the techniques of magically folding blankets into teeny tiny pieces to fit the boxes… bye bye that Smartshop device, just call RACKL instead… haha!), and am sure the blanket packing team of Amran, Premila, Li Sun, Sham, Irfan and Kavita enjoyed themselves more or less till they were ready to erm… sleep on the blankets. Judging by the pictures that is!

So u may ask where are the blankets headed. Well, our good friends, the Rotaract Club of Katugastota (frm Kandy, Sri Langka) will be picking them up from Colombo and distributing it to the tsunami aid areas. For more info on their ongoing tsunami project, you can check out




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