Too Stressed To Be Stressed

22 01 2005

Date: 22 January 2005, Venue: All new and bright Ambassador room, Holiday Villa Jalan Ampang

Glad to say we finally have pindah out from that dark and bleak room our meetings used to be in to this bright and mirrored, uplifting spirits room! As evident in the environment of the meeting where everyone was pepped up and ready to go. Seriously, must be the feng shui of the place or sumthin!

Anyways, today the talk was all about Stress management for young executives. Was expecting it to be the boring talk where half of us would be half asleep while the speaker tells us how to breathe properly and all that stuff. Kudos to Michael for managing to find the dynamic duo of Dr Alvin Teoh (former Toastmasters president) and Fabian. From the very beginning, our attention was captured by the hilarious portrayals of different claps – The Datin Clap (remember noses 45 degrees up and hands up flat and pat repeatedly), The Dungu Clap (Tilt head at an angle and open hands really wide and clap like a sea lion) and The Excellent Rotaract Clap (bet u didnt know that one even existed!).

Benjamin Franklin is stressed was a phrase that we all were waiting for cos that meant some prizes (okay even if it was just a teabag of peppermint tea, so sue me for being so kiasu). Sham took centrestage as she shook her booty and clucked away in the chicken dance. Psst… Ganesh better watch out, competition for your char siew pow dance!! hehe…

Ooohed team lost out to the Aaahed team, but whose keeping score? ;P Hmmm… waht else ya? Oh of course, how could I forget the showdown between an angry Anand Soranam and Ganesh? As well as Terrence Tan (welcome back dude!! :D) and Neeraj were miles apart only to come together extremely close… Careful, someone might get jealous.

As the final tip was given and the certificates passed out, Am not sure if I was totally destressed. I mean hey, still have to go back to those stresses the following monday… But at least I can reconceptualize (imagine sitting and picturing ur boss butt naked) and reprioritize (she is only my girlfriend, not she is my only girlfriend!).

Also a shout out to the Birthday Babies of January – Lai Peng and Catherine who celebrated it along with speaker Fabian.

After that it was off to fellowship dinner at Restoran Stadium Negara for TomYam and Soup Steamboat (and yes, one Ala Carte table for the 6 that didnt want steamboat) and a round of games at Celes’s house.

Rumour has it that there was singing in the streets and fear factor specials for losin at Jenga…




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