xmas mei han

25 12 2004

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la lala la… We’re heading down for some satay and spaghetti… fa la lala la..

Merry Xmas everyone!!!

As per our usual rackl tradition of festival house hopping, the whole gang made our way to Kajang, land of our beloved webmaster Mei Han, for some scrumptious xmas treats. After some initial confusion over logistics (like figuring out which 2nd kajang tol the mysterious convoy was waiting at) and preparing our tummies for a great meal by stuffing them with Satay at the Haji Samuri joint, we were off in search for Mei Han’s house where you guessed it, fun and food awaited us.

Tonnes of Chicken balls, spaghetti, fried chic, meehoon, Sparkling juice, orange juice and water later, it was time for some photo taking.

Note to self, never try to take a large group photo with various cameras on timer mode!!! utter chaos and dashes to reach before the click goes off! Haha… but somehow we managed to get a civilized photo out. I think! Just check it out and tell me.

Prezzies got exchanged too! Mind you, like true little kids present connoisseurs we shook and chose the wrapped boxes carefully. Or just picked the best number we could think of.

Unfortunately, this little one had to leave soon after. So the story will continue, as I’m sure the fun did at the cool Club Service Dir’s happening Xmas BBQ. Heard some stories of green alcoholic beverages and yummy BBQ chic. now if I can just twist someone to write it. Hmm… any takers?




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